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I became acquainted with Colette Zito during her election campaign and ensuing service as a Trustee of the Village of Pawling. In that service, she exhibited breadth of vision combined with depth of understanding of the details of implementation enhanced by her prior business experience in investment banking and financial advisory services. She demonstrated an ability to help in setting worthy goals for the community and to identify specific process steps and resources needed to achieve the goals. With respect to issues as diverse as water quality, land use, energy conservation, housing, economic development, communications, budgeting, and law enforcement, she demonstrated an understanding of the connections among them and the need to address them in a coherent manner in order to improve the quality life of the whole community in the long term.Lawrence Grunberger


I had the pleasure of working with Louis for close to 4 years at ABN AMRO. Louis and I worked very closely together and he truly defines the words team player. Additionally, Louis is well rounded technically, completes task and has the remarkable ability on managing end users expectations. He would be a great asset to any firm.Mark D’Angelo, VP, Trading Floor Support Manager at SAC Capital Advisors LP

Letter to Colette: The competent and longstanding leadership you brought to the Village Board, and your personal and professional attributes have always well served the community. You’ve always represented only the very best interests of the Village. Luckily for Village residents, you will be able to continue to serve on the Village Board of Trustees and so continue pursuing the goals and programs dear to your heart.Ron J. Gainer, P.E.

It was a pleasure to work with Gabrielle and Colette on the television interview about the Pawling Library’s [Little Free Libraries] Appalachia Trail Initiatives and its Teen Geek Squad Program. Both Gabrielle and Colette were well prepared for the interview and handled all the details with the television station, (Public Access Channel 8, Cable) ensuring that the process ran smoothly. The library is grateful to Colette and Gabrielle for initiating the interview and for offering the library this opportunity to share the [Little Free Libraries] on the Appalachia Trails and the Teen Geek Squad Programs with the greater community. Stephanie McLaughlin, Pawling Free Library Board Member.


I worked with Louis on the Bloomberg bi-monthly upgrade exercise where we packaged, tested and deployed the latest OpenBloomberg client to approx. 10,000 devices globally within extremely tight schedules. Louis was the Market Data engineer dealing with the product and his assistance in the project was instrumental. He completed all tasks assigned to him flawlessly and never missed the deadlines. He provided essential engineering support throughout the deployment cycle and professionally handled the vendor relationship. It was a pleasure for me working with Louis and I would recommend him to any employer looking for a great technician with vast experience.Joe Baranyi, Technical Project Manager at Bank of America.


Colette is a true professional and a great team player. She has a fantastic attitude, is extremely organized and results-oriented. I highly recommend her based on working with her for 6 years at Tambrands Inc.Barry Misehneimer, Corporate Governance/Communications Consultant-Attorney

Colette is determined to see projects thru to completion and success. She is dedicated and resourceful. The added benefit with Colette is her upbeat personality and “can do” attitude. It was a pleasure to work with her.Dan Baffoe, VP at Southern Trust Securities

Louis would be a tremendous asset to any firm, he brings his ‘A’ game each and every day. Louis takes command of a situation and will do what it takes to get the job complete. He set’s a ;positive and motivational tone for those around him. A true professional in every sense of the word.John Lewandowski, Manager/Advisory Practice of PricewaterhouseCoopers


“Colette’s sharp focus and energetic nature revitalized our business perspectives. Working together with Zito Consultants our company refined its priorities which enabled us to optimize business operations, achieve long term cash flow flexibility, expand our financial resources, and plans for implementation of energy efficiency practices.

A re-evaluation of our Supply Chain Management resulted in actual savings. We were able to maintain the quality of our core operating products and services while reducing costs, receiving credits and activating discounts on payment option plans. Furthermore, our company streamlined various operations by updating our automation systems, reducing account receivables by 10 days, and setting short- and long-term plans for energy efficiency savings.

Together, we mapped ideas for projects that helped to strengthen our brand and our commitment to high quality customer service. Colette’s resourceful and innovative nature also created a natural bridge for developing community partnerships that enhanced our company’s overall brand identity and our commitment to community values. Colette is an action-oriented, authentic individual who cares deeply about people and the environment, and she deftly inspired us to weave environmental consciousness into our business model – all of which resulted in real cost savings.” –Larry and Alex Scavone, Owners of a Car Care Facility