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Community Partners Aligned in Advocacies, “It is essential to practice the walk of the feet in the light of the vision.”-Strategic Priorities for Sustainability and Growth: Economies of Empowerment

  • Guiding Principles In Action Create Purposeful Priorities

    Guiding Principles In Action Create Purposeful Priorities

  • “Action expresses priorities.” –Gandhi

    “Action expresses priorities.” –Gandhi

  • Aligning Life’s Energies with Integrity

    Aligning Life’s Energies with Integrity

Optimize Your Bottom Line

Optimize Your Bottom Line

We help you streamline cash flow and financials.

Increase Energy Savings

Increase Energy Savings

We manage energy audits and incentive programs.

Expand Your Resources

Expand Your Resources

We help you innovate and build sustainable practices.

Establish Your Priorities

Establish Your Priorities

We help you align profit with principals of purpose.

A Suite of Comprehensive Services

Increase Cash Flow

Bankers, suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, utilities, insurance brokers, and labor law practitioners are not in business to operate and manage your business. You are in the business of managing your business! The best way to achieve sustainable profit margins is by being an engaged business owner. Learn more about Zito Consultants’ Guiding Principles that will help you establish priorities and practices that lead to increased cash flow and ensure fiscal stability.

Implement Energy Savings

Zito Consultants will help you activate energy savings by initiating your energy audit, with little or no upfront costs. We also manage energy and tax incentive programs, oversee the application process, and help you create a strategy for implementing energy savings processes and protocols.

Expand Resources

When you implement energy savings initiatives and start to increase cash flow, the financial savings allow you to fund and scale your business in ways you may have only dreamed of. Zito Consultants will help you re-align your resources with your business objectives.

Align Business Values

As you develop mindful energy efficient strategies, equally important is aligning your business with a purpose that is in line with your own personal values and those of your audience. Zito Consultants will help you identify ways that you can convey your philosophy and build community awareness and support.

Improve Customer Service

Putting your customers and clients first is a top priority for mindful business practices. With so many choices available to consumers today, creating a superior, authentic customer service experience is essential. Cultivating awareness from within your company is just as important to conveying your message to external audiences. Zito Consultants will help you develop the principals necessary for a great customer service experience.

Brand Your Business

Social entrepreneurship, cause marketing, community partnerships – these are the new marketing tools in the new economy. Baby Boomers and Millennials alike want to make a difference in the world, and as such, they both tend to support businesses with a cause-centered, socially-conscious mission. Zito Consultants will help you align your purpose with your marketing to create an intentional and mindful brand in your market.