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EnricoGateWay-1024x768Zito Consultants provides financial management and specialty services for business owners, with an emphasis on strengthening capital levels, optimizing operations, achieving economic sustainability, and cultivating environmental consciousness. Zito Consultants works collaboratively with clients, and wherever possible, connects business owners with community organizations as a pathway to creating economic success and civic-minded innovations.

The team behind Zito Consultants is committed to helping business owners achieve fiscal stability while also pursuing purpose-driven goals. At the core of every project is a commitment to shared community values – largely through innovative energy-saving and environmental consciousness consistent with mandatory energy laws. Zito Consultants espouses “leadership with soul,” and seeks to work with clients in like fashion, creating a thoughtful, meaningful, and collaborative experience.

Zito Consultants aligns business owner’s profit motive with purpose motives such as energy savings and other principled initiatives, for the benefit of businesses and communities. As these partnerships develop, a collaborative process for economic sustainability takes root, creating innovative synergies.  Environmental consciousness consistent with mandatory energy laws within the framework of shared community values is a vanguard priority – a way of life! Ideally, it becomes nearly impossible to differentiate where one organization’s goals start and the others end.

A natural progression for an environmental consciousness outcome is energy savings. Zito Consultants manages an energy audit of facilities; applies to incentive programs for eligibility determination with focus on tax incentives. These supportive actions for businesses and community organizational practices improve economic sustainability in the short- and long-term.  We ensure that participation in Community Savings Projects align with current Environmental Laws for disposal of Hazardous and E-Waste; an ingenious approach for reducing toxins in landfill with a bonus— enjoying clean drinking water—established by shared community actions. This is just one example of how purpose-driven business motives can create opportunities for change.

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Colette Zito’s Journey to Zito Consultants, llc

My early years were challenging (economically and emotionally) but I see that they helped me to develop my natural skill of building bridges in search of truths which created a very satisfying career and life journey.

My aspiration to obtain a college degree was met with financial roadblocks despite my best efforts to secure the support. This and other obstacles did not deter me but rather propelled me forward and created in me a strong endurance for living a life true to my values and walking my talk.

I found that I care deeply about people and the earth’s natural resources and that my strong spiritual foundation helped me to eventually finish college and gain invaluable business experience in investment banking and financial advisory services.
Here are a few examples of how I have created business and community partnerships:

While at a Fortune 500 company in New York, I re-energized employees’ participation in a charitable initiative that resulted in our firm’s highest level of contribution and set in motion employee aspirations for community involvement.

While at a lending and investment banking firm in New York, I leveraged the company’s specialty services creating a shared values approach for our customers and firm based in active connections resulting in a higher degree of customer service satisfaction. A collaborative Power Point presentation became a living document reflecting the breadth of vision of what was possible. The exercise gave colleagues a sense of ownership and created enormous opportunities for obtaining a high return on value.

While attending college at night, my Professor of World Religions asked me to elaborate on the report I had written about the book titled “The Tao of Pooh” by Benjamin Hoff. This led to numerous speaking opportunities in several classes. I was able to weave the story of my life’s journey with the importance of spiritual development and growth—messages that were received with great enthusiasm by fellow ‘day’ students.

These indescribable ‘feeling alive’ moments continue today through the integration of my mind and soul’s essence navigating me in truths on natural pathways. My energy and activities in environmental and social value consciousness for economic viability is wrapped in a synergetic and holistic approach participating in life’s energy flow.

After moving to Pawling, New York to raise a twin son and daughter (now teenagers), I immersed my energy into community involvement which then led to public office. There, I initiated and received overwhelming support for the first-ever environmental program in the Town of Pawling, which galvanized community support for other municipal service practices. This environmental and social values consciousness has been important for economic sustainability and guides me to see how much more is possible.

Now, I am grateful to initiate collaborative partnerships with like-minded and aspiring souls, on pathways founded in Trust that Guiding Principles lead to “purpose-driven priorities.”

Engaging with clients in a deeper, more personal way, we identify topics of shared interest which then creates a pathway where shared community values emerge. I respect and encourage diverse dialogue — and inside of that — an abundance of opportunities develop. This synergy cultivates possibilities and perspectives that lead to a more holistic way of doing business. This level of consciousness generates wise decisions and outside the box solutions that support people, profits, and the planet.

“Nurturing soil and expressing our soul’s essence increases our awareness for practicing a meaningful and integrated life. This interconnectedness aligns shared community values through collaborative partnerships creating opportunities for sustainability on pathways for growth— rooted in a symphony of principled perspectives—a mindfulness leading to great personal and professional achievements and satisfaction-our collective legacy for future generations.”- Colette Zito

If any of my life perspective and professional experience above resonates for you, let’s set up a meeting to explore working together. I can be reached at

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Colette derives great personal satisfaction by working with business and community leaders to help strengthen capital levels, optimize business operations, implement cost-effective business development strategies, and connect environmental consciousness with economic sustainability.

Colette’s community involvement and accomplishments resulted in a nomination for public office. As Trustee of the Village of Pawling and Former Member of the Pawling Joint Sewer Commission, Colette initiated and completed a NYSERDA energy audit qualifying the Village of Pawling for energy grants and solar panels.

For Waste Management Policy objectives, Colette obtained Village Board and community support for leading the first-ever Electronic Waste and Reuse Event in the town of Pawling.

Her proactive planning approach to cost savings earned Colette an appointment to represent the Village of Pawling in a nine-municipality coalition identifying potential natural hazards to mitigate (instead of incurring costly remediation) including eligibility to secure grants as part of a Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA project.

Colette accepted an invitation by the NY State Department Shared Services to participate in a panel-lead discussion about Pawling’s feasibility study for shared services, which entailed site planning, sustainable design and cost projections; as well as a cost savings project consolidating Pawling’s road and transportation service costs in areas such as labor, maintenance and facility operation.

Colette has over fifteen years of professional experience in investment banking and with financial advisory firms. She has developed an extensive portfolio of work combining financial and analytical services, implementing strategies to enhance balance sheet management, and working with clients to strengthen capital levels and manage regulatory concerns.

In Chicago, for a prominent investment banking firm, she launched the Institutional Sales Department for Preferred Stock business, including all research and marketing aspects.

At, a Fortune 500 company, Colette was Cash Manager, addressing accounting and compliance standards, year-end reporting and annual report requirements. She spearheaded numerous worldwide treasury operation projects and won appointment by the CEO to promote the firm’s community service partnerships.

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Loius Iannucelli

Loius Iannucelli

CTO & Executive Vice President

Louis is responsible for day-to-day technology operations and creating the framework for identifying, planning, delivering and supporting IT services to our clients.


A seasoned IT professional with 15 + years’ experience in diverse financial and service industries, Louis has provided IT management to clients, partners, vendors and staff at all levels.

Currently, Louis is a technology Consultant for Morgan Stanley providing support for their vast array of Market Data Applications and Infrastructure that feeds various Real-Time financial instruments, including pricing and trend data from the global markets to the firm’s numerous trading units.