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Realizing Energy Savings


Many business owners don’t fully understand the potential for savings associated with an energy efficient operation. Building and facilities budgets can benefit greatly from implementing cost-saving energy measures.

Mandatory Environmental Laws* Consistent with Clean Energy Technology Plans Create a Holistic Integrated Approach to compliance and cost-saving energy measures—a Natural Pathway to Economic Sustainability!

At Zito Consultants we work with you and a team of professionals to manage an energy audit of facilities; simultaneously applying to incentive programs for eligibility determination with a focus on energy and tax incentives and for renewable energy grants. These supportive actions for businesses and community leaders helps to create a purpose-driven pathway for success.

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Exploring Clean Energy Technology

Clean energy technology creates an optimal facility for employees, customers and visitors. Partnerships and Projects in Clean Energy Technology within Mandatory Environmental Laws in Compliance is Principles of Priorities in Motion!

Supply Chain Partners – Achieving Energy Efficiency


  • Apply for grants:
  • Using clean energy technology plans for new construction / existing building
  • Explore energy efficient alternatives
  • Implement electronic and hazardous waste management programs


Aligning your business with current environmental laws concerning the disposal of hazardous and e-waste reduces toxic landfills and becomes an important step in achieving clean drinking water for all communities. This is just one example of how purpose-driven business and community leaders can create opportunities and realize savings while adhering to Mandatory Environmental Laws.

Understanding Energy Audits

Think of an Energy Audit as the building blocks to realizing savings and maximizing net profits. Energy Report findings provide short- and long-term options for devising a sustainable, cost-effective energy plan.

Zito Consultants will apply to various government agency program(s), and address multiple components:


  • Eligibility considerations
  • Qualification for free or low cost energy audit
  • Electricity supplier and distributor information that can lead to solutions for reducing energy costs/usage, and reducing kilowatt usage.


Achieving Cash Flow Flexibility While Advancing Business Innovations.

Activating Energy Savings


  • We will manage an Energy Audit with little to no upfront costs to you.
  • We create a step by step process for you to realize savings
  • We prepare applications to determine your eligibility for subsidies/low interest ‘on-billing,’ including help with your electric bills and implementing renewable energy. These measures represent cost planning for longer term savings, when and if feasibility is determined.


Advantages: Efficiencies = Savings


  • Get relief through tax incentives
  • Reduce your short- and long-term operating expenses
  • Determine eligibility for renewable energy through subsidies/low interest loans


Some examples of energy savings measures that can be applied to your business


  • Equalize Building(s) Energy Usage by minimizing high level energy ‘spikes’ which increase costs
  • Retrofitting and new construction using clean energy technology plans
  • Increase building insulation: Replacing R-19 with R-50. R is a measure of thermal resistance – reducing energy costs
  • Install High-efficiency lighting with occupancy controls


When Business Owners Remain Open and Receptive to New Perspectives and Consider Renewed Approaches to Energy Efficiencies, Increased Net Profits are Realized.