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Zito Consultants has teamed with BreatheYourFire to offer mindful, holistic marketing and communications services.

Create Framework for Sustainability, Community and Shared Values

When you develop mindful business practices, whether it’s through sustainability or aligning with a social cause, you make a public statement and in turn, your customers will make a public statement by purchasing your products or services. Consumers today are eager to validate and reward socially conscious businesses. Build trust and align your walk and talk – based on the guiding principles that Zito Consultants helps you create. Then tell the world!

Zito Consultants, in collaboration with BreatheYourFire, offers the following marketing and communications services:

  • Marketing/communications strategies
  • Brand development
  • Social media strategies
  • Video production
  • Web design and development
  • Graphic design

Practice a Holistic, Synergistic Approach

Baking a social cause into your business not only yields humanitarian dividends, it has also become an important marketing and branding tool. BreatheYourFire provides a holistic approach to marketing the quantifiable “give” that you offer your customers through your social cause. We’ll help you structure your philanthropic initiative with two explicit goals in mind:

  • Make your business as successful as possible!
  • Change the world!


Success is measured in whatever way suits your business – more customers, more sales, more awareness, you name it. Changing the world is up to you, too. Do something for the planet, your favorite country, a particular region of the U.S., or your neighborhood.

The future belongs to companies and organizations that are socially aware and responsible.